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1X12 Ultralite Red Cab
Industrial Amps Inc.
Ultralite weight 22.5 lbs. Great for GIGs. Speaker 12 inch Jensen Jet Tornado 8 ohms ...More »

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Industrial Amp's Pocket T-Shirt
Industrial Amps Inc.
Industrial Amp's pocket t-shirt. 100% cotton. ...More »

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Standard Component List
Each amp is built one by one in Point to Point fashion.
We have chosen components for the benefit of durability and of course tone.

IA in White
  • Custom Mercury Magnetics Transformers with Chrome End Bells / Heyboer Transformers and Chokes
  • 072 Solid Steel Chassis, Powder Coated Inside and Out
  • A.R.S. British Type Above Chassis Filter Caps
  • Premium Matched Vacuum Power Tubes
  • Real Micalex USA Military Spec. Tube Sockets
  • Vintage Style All Metal Switchcraft Jacks and Plugs
  • Sprague 716P High Performance Super Reliable Tone Caps
  • Severe Duty Honeywell Explosion Proof Aircraft Quality Switches
  • Classic Carbon Composition Long Life Resistors
  • Old Fashion Cream Chicken Head Knobs w/ Brass Sleeves & Screws
  • Real Cloth Covered All Copper Wire
  • Hubbell Chrome Plated Steel A/C Power Inlet
  • Black Powder Coated Tube Shields with Cooling Fins & Damper
  • Multi-Voltage Selector for Safe Operation when Touring out of USA
  • Multi-Ohms Selector for any 4, 8 or 16 Ohm Speaker Configuration
  • 100% Point to Point Glass Epoxy Turret Boards
  • All Stainless Steel Hex Type Machine Bolts and Hardware
  • Super Heavy Duty Commercial Grade SJ Type Lighted A/C Power Cable
  • N.O.S. Type Pilot Light Socket and Colored Jewel Len

Point to Point Fashion...
Each amp is built one by one in Point to Point fashion. We have chosen components for the benefit of durability and of course tone.

As you approach an IA you notice the steel powder coated chassis with the direct epoxy silk screen. You peer through the 1/4 inch "real" glass - which will show off the glow of the tubes - at the chromed end bells of the Mercury Magnetic's transformers, and the "can" type capicitors...YOU CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE

From the time you flip the sealed, military spec, explosion proof Honeywell toggle switch and the power is pulled through the, hospital grade, Chromed steel, Hubble power inlet...YOU CAN FEEL THE DIFFERENCE

With guitar in hand you begin to dial the vintage style chicken heads topping the all metal shafted CTS and CGE pots...and then YOU HEAR THE DIFFERENCE

Perhaps for the first time...YOU FEEL YOUR TONE.

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